Gyratory System - John Frum

Image of Gyratory System - John Frum


The ‘John Frum’ E.P. is the latest eruption from Gyratory System and its unique brand of mind-bogglingly brilliant bonkers electronica.

CD in card wallet. Limited to 100 Copies.

1. John Frum
2. 1968
3. The Lord's Resistance Army
4. Infinite Regression

Live wind and brass instruments are meshed seamlessly with heavily processed electronics to bring us a musical account of the Messiah-figure ‘John Frum’, whose return is eagerly awaited on the South Pacific island of Tanna, Vanuatu.

A trace of the West German proto-electronica of Kluster/Harmonia can be detected in the track, perhaps if they were playing along with their Nigerian Afrobeat 1970s contemporaries.

The single is the first preview of material from the band’s third album, ‘Utility Music’, to which producer Andrew Blick is applying the finishing touches, working with band members Robin Blick and James Weaver.

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