The Vichy Government - Coventry

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Coventry is the fourth Vichy Government album. It has some guest appearances from some talented friends of ours; Gyratory System play a bit of trumpet and saxophone, and Jo Bevan (who runs the Black Plastic night and sings in If....) does a bit of singing. Angular Records' co-founder Joe Margetts produced the album and gave it a little more spit & polish than usual. It's probably more accessible than the 18-song double album we made last time around. But apart from that, it's essentially more of the same, only less so.

For the benefit of the overwhelming majority of music lovers who have never heard/heard of The Vichy Government, that more of the same consists of Andrew Chilton crafting wilflully glib pop tunes on a Yamaha Portasound and crap drum machine, and Jamie Manners reciting nonsensical spoken-word doggerel over them in his irritating Belfast accent.

Arguable highlights on Coventry include; not-very-recent atheist-bashing single 'The Man Delusion', revolution-bashing opener 'Turn On, Tune In, Vote Mugabe', 'Siberia' and its sequel 'Iberia', David Seabrook homage 'I'm Jack', and big-budget number 'Oranges Are The Only Fruit'.


1. Turn On, Tune In, Vote Mugabe
2. Flytipping
3. The Nudes of Modigliani
4. The Kids in North Korea
5. Siberia
6. All The Young Dudes
7. St Jamie of Islington
8. Oranges Are The Only Fruit
9. I'm Jack
10. The Man Delusion
11. Iberia
12. We Are Now At War With Germany

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